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The Team

“How should we respond to the decline of art education in Britain?
Should we simply assume that we are all ‘conceptual artists’ and that there is nothing to learn except the art of pulling the wool over the eyes of the public?
Or are there real skills to acquire, real experiences to be had, a real knowledge of history and critical judgement to be explored, if the student is to earn a place in the great tradition of modern painting?
The Welsh Academy is an initiative for which all art lovers must be grateful, since it points the way along this second path, towards real knowledge and real enjoyment,
and offers to aspiring artists the skills and companionship that they need.”
– Roger Scruton


Lucy Corbett


Founder & Tutor

Lee photo.png


Lee Wright


Tutor, Artist & Printmaker

Theresa Stabb.png


Theresa Stabb


Artist & Philosophy Lecturer



Ben Fenske


Internationaly renowned

artist and returning

guest tutor

Teresa O photo.png

Teresa Oaxaca


Internationaly renowned

artist and returning

guest tutor

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