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TERM DATES 2019/2020


                                  1        9th September - 25th October

                                  2       11th November - 8th December


                                   1         Jan - Feb

                                   2         Feb - March





Monday  - Masters Course

Tuesday -  Masters Course

Wednesday - Untutored

Thursday - Untutored

Friday - Untutored portrait/figure

Morning session    9.30am - 12.30pm

Afternoon session 1.30pm - 4pm


Whether you are a long term or short term student there is something here for you.  You can create your own course structure to suit you.  For those wanting to just practice their skills with no tuition you can sign up for untutored days.  For those wanting to learn from scratch on a more regular basis can sign up a combination of tutored and non tutored days.  As an introduction to the Masters course you may like to take advantage of our FUNDAMENTALS COURSES.  You may want to focus your efforts in one particular area and take a short course.  As always you are welcome to ask for guidance.

At the start of each half term there will be a demonstration to lead students through the set up and to familiarize students with the working studio.The easels are set up 1-8 with the subject set in between.  Two students per subject.


MASTERS COURSE DAYS are Monday & Tuesday.  Students can expect to be critiqued twice during each session.  A tutor will always be on hand for any queries.  Students are expected to set up their own easel and subject for the session and put away at the end.

UNTUTORED DAYS are Wednesday & Thursday. Students can continue work from their tutored days or set up their own projects.

Fridays there will be a model to work from in the morning.  This will be a figure or portrait model.

Students can come in and set up where they wish for the duration.

THE FUNDAMENTALS & SHORT COURSES are incorporated into the week as optional extras.

GUEST ARTIST COURSES are run separately.

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