“The Welsh Academy is developing my capacity to see what is in front of me whilst equipping me with the skills to draw it. The process is challenging but I am thrilled to have found a proper structured foundation on which to develop my artistic skills.” – Tracy Thursfield

The Welsh Academy of Art

The Welsh Academy of Art near Crickhowell, Powys provides a unique opportunity in Wales to study the classical methods of drawing and painting as practised by the Old Masters.

The Academy attracts students from both the local area and across the UK. We welcome anyone with a passion to learn, from beginners to professional artists. Enjoyment in the practise of drawing and painting and a commitment to study are the only requirements needed to join our courses.

The aim of the Academy is to provide a platform from which the individual artist can develop both practically and philosophically. Modules include cast, still life, figure, portrait drawing and painting and landscape painting.


Mastering skills to enable freedom of expression…

Traditional Artistic Principles

Founded on the traditional artistic principles of a bygone era,  the Welsh Academy of Art seeks to restore the fundamental qualities of order, beauty and truth to painting.

The Academy was established by artist Lucy Corbett in 2012 as a response to the increasingly concept-based courses offered by art institutions. Find out more…

Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together – John Ruskin