Traditional Artistic Principles

Founded on the traditional artistic principles of a bygone era,  the Welsh Academy of Art seeks to restore the fundamental qualities of order, beauty and truth to painting.

In 2012 Lucy Corbett founded the Welsh Academy of Art in a response to the increasingly concept based courses offered at Art institutions around the country.

For over a century the passing down of knowledge gained over centuries of art had deteriorated almost to extinction. Only a handful of schools around the world flew the flag for traditional skills based art. Taught by Ives Gammell, both Charles Cecil and Daniel Graves created two of these schools and based themselves in Florence. They are still there today and are in good company with at least two more ateliers that practice in the same tradition.

These traditions stem directly from the leading ateliers of nineteenth-century Paris and subsequently extend back through to masters such as Titian and Velazquez and ultimately Leonardo da Vinci.

Our aim at the Academy is to teach an understanding of nature through the study of techniques employed by the Old Masters.

Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together. - John Ruskin